A Love Letter From God

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Yes, it is a letter written by one of my dear friends from the Kipsongo Slum who lives in the new Seeds Children’s Home. Yet, it feels like a love letter from God. God is so gracious to allow me to have such a relationship with Beryl. I just had to share this special relationship with you. The handwritten letter was surrounded by beautifully colored flowers and a hand drawn picture of the Holy Bible.

Dear Professor Mark,

Hello! How are you? I have really missed you so much. I hope you will come soon. We are doing good with Jimmy in Kenya.

I hope you are doing good in America. I pray to God to continue providing for you and also, do not stop spreading His word because He is the one who gives you life and free oxygen to breath. Greet your family. I hope your beloved daughter she is doing good. Tell her that I love her so much even if she does not know me. We are doing good and I always work hard in school to fulfill my dream. Please if you remember me always and always read in the book of Philipians 4:8.

Your lovely friend,


Of course, I could keep such a letter to myself. But isn’t that like keeping such illuminating Light in the shadows? Jesus called us into relationships. How in God’s name can we grow in our relationships with our dear friends from the Kipsongo Slum in Kitale, Kenya if we fail to recognize the reciprocal nature of our relationships? To give affirmation, affection, acceptance, attention, and appreciation (5 A’s) unto others is necessary but not sufficient. It is good for us to be the recipients of the 5 A’s from others. To give and to receive is integral to God-given and God-driven relationships.

Just imagine the pleasure I “received” from Beryl’s letter. Now, imagine the pleasure Beryl receives from my letter to her. OMG! I’ve seen what they do with letters. They treat them like treasures! How cool is that? Of course, they are treasures to me, as well. 

P.S. Now imagine, the many mighty acorn sponsors (www.mightyacorn.org) as well as sponsors through other organizations having such communication with our kids from the Kipsongo Slum. It is a blessing to all and from all!

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