A Relationship Made in Heaven!

Literally, OMG! For the first time, I have come to Africa without a compelling agenda. As a result, God’s grace has become ever more present. There are wonderful examples of His providential care daily. I miss so many of those in the states. “God, I’m just too busy. I’m sure you understand.”

And to think, God has blessed me with 19 more days. The conversations with the kids about their life stories, hopes and dreams, temptations, their desires to change the world, discrimination, and suffering have been heart-wrenching and heart-warming. Jimmy is so very right. Our kids are so capable when given opportunity. SELFISHLY, I pray to God upon our return that 100% of the church family pay attention to our story. LOL! I am so grateful for this opportunity. I can hardly contain myself. Of course, there is nothing more obnoxious than such an overly enthusiastic person. I shed tears of gratitude for my opportunity to experience the expressions of God through the kids and to see intimately Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani and Jimmy help God make heaven on earth a better place. THANK YOU for your prayer support! They are being answered. See you soon LInda – Love you! Veronica says “Hi mum Sheila.” She sings like an angel. Can’t wait for you to hear your big girl’s interview. Next best thing to being in person!

Love to all,

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