About Us – Who We Are

Mark J. Cooper, Ph.D., L.P.C.

IMG_3480Dr. Mark is a retired professor in Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education at the University of Central Arkansas and a Licensed Professional Counselor, and Co-founder and Executive Director of Chicks for Children Foundation, Inc., a 501 (c) (3) Non-Profit.

Dr. Mark has helped develop and implement many educational activities designed to teach children/youth a genuine desire to care for others, especially the least of those affected by cognitive (academic deficits and illiteracy), physical (starvation, homelessness, and disease) and psychological (abuse, abandonment, despair, fear, hopelessness, voicelessness, social isolation, despair, and lack of purpose) poverty.


Linda Cooper

Mark’s wife, Linda, has been his soul-mate for 47+ years. She is a Licensed Medical Technologist who retired from her full-time Chemistry Supervisory position at Conway Regional Hospital in Conway, Arkansas.  Linda is the co-founder of Chicks for Children foundation and works very closely with foundation activities.

Linda provides the organizational support for mission teams who serve the Seeds Ministry in Kitale, Kenya. Mission teams and kids from the Kipsongo slum often refer to her as Mom Linda!

Jim (Jimmy) Cooper

Jim Cooper, Mark and Linda’s son, known to his Kenyan friends as “Jimmy,” is a missionary who serves the men, women, and children from the Kipsongo Slum. God opened his mind and heart to serve with Pastor Richard and Helen Makani and their mission team in Kitale.

God prepared Jim for this call in many ways, including two short-term mission trips to Poland and Los Angeles, one year-long mission trip in Belize, Central America, a degree at Central Baptist College in Bible with an emphasis on missions, and a three-month clinical in Ghana, Africa.

It was the three-months in Ghana that God made clear His desire for Jim to serve in Africa. Jim moved from his Conway, Arkansas, residence in February of 2008.

Since then, his home has been in Kenya, serving Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani and the many Seeds Ministries. Jimmy serves the children/youth at the Seeds Children’s Home, Bread of Life Feeding Center, Seeds Academy, the Seeds Stone Medical Clinic, and the Seeds High School. Jim also helps direct the Seeds Children’s Church, a Music Ministry, and a leadership/discipleship ministry. Finally, Jim preaches on an intermittent basis at the Kitale downtown church.

Charlotte and Scott Eccles

Mark and Linda’s daughter, Charlotte Cooper Eccles, is a licensed physical therapist. She is presently retired from physical therapy. Her husband, Dr. Scott Eccles, is a dentist. They live in the Memorial area of Houston, Texas. Charlotte and Scott have two wonderful children, Addison and Caroline. Charlotte and her family have become increasingly involved in the foundation activities.

The Makani Family

IMG_0035Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani are the founders and leaders of Seeds ministry in Kitale, Kenya. They are mission-minded people with servant’s hearts.

The Makanis have three children – Mercy, Mike, and Faith. The Makanis have answered God’s call to serve the men, women, and children from the Kipsongo Slum.

They have also answered God’s call to plant churches, spread the gospel, build disciples, and encourage people to accept Christ as Lord and Savior.

While there is much to do, the Makanis hold that there is nothing more important than the love of Christ, and they ask that we all share.