An Investment In Education

Excellence begets excellence! Seeds Academy Primary School (pre-K – 8th) provides over 400 children a high-quality education, with the primary school consistently ranked in the top ten of schools in the Trans-Nozia District in Kenya. studentsNow that there are graduating eighth-graders, it is important to build a Seeds High School. Several years ago, a campaign was introduced to build a Seeds High School. At the present time, graduates are attending the high school. There is also a dorm for girls and a soon-to-be dorm for boys. The youth enjoy a dining hall, as well.

The vision for a full campus of High School facilities includes classrooms, library, science laboratory, computer lab, dining hall, kitchen, dormitory for boarding students, administrative offices and teacher’s quarters. It is an ambitious project that has long-term self-sustainability potential for Seeds Academy and Seeds Ministries. Operating the school will have an immediate economic benefit, as the graduating 8th graders would otherwise be sent off to other High Schools where fees are significantly higher. Seeds Academy High School will cost significantly less. The savings will enable more of the graduating 8th graders the opportunity to continue on to High School…a critical education that will help them escape the perils of poverty.

Seeds Academy High School, with a good academic record and reputation, will attract students from families willing and able to afford the tuition. The income will help run the school while allowing children from impoverished homes to attend for reduced rates or for free. In addition to outstanding academics, the High School campus will be used on Saturday’s for Discipleship Enrichment and Sunday’s for a Spiritual Day to help the youth grow in faith as they go forth to spread the good news and help answer God’s call to serve others.