Ground-breaking celebration in Kitale

As you know, thanks to many very kind-hearted and mission-minded people, there was a “GROUND-BREAKING” celebration this past Monday at the Seeds Children’s Home property in Kitale, Kenya. The owner of Mitalda Jane Clothing, who gave Chicks for Children Foundation a tremendous boost with her donation, participated in the ground-breaking celebration. Denise flew 25 friends, personal family, and MJC family to Kitale, Kenya this past week to meet the orphans. Is that not AMAZING! This is a lady about relationship building first and foremost. Of course, you can learn more about her clothing company and her personal crusade by enjoying her website, Her blog site is also very informative!

Big thanks to everyone who has supported our efforts to support the orphans and widows from the Kipsongo Slum. Poverty is persistence. It is my hope and prayer that we stay more persistent in its removal. It will take all of us. We cannot let any one person assume responsibility. Poverty is bigger than any one human. We must work collectively and prayerfully to eliminate this pocket of poverty. I am convinced that it CAN be done with God’s help.

Matilda Jane Clothing: A Company That Designs Clothes and Fosters Compassion, Caring, and Character

I am always told, “Mark, shorten your comments in a blog!” Since I write from the heart, I find it hard to do. At the same time, I am presently lost for words due to one very surprising telephone call. To date, I think it is the most God-driven call I have ever received.

Let me tell you the rest of the story in an abbreviated way. As you know, the Seeds Children’s Home provides a loving, safe home for 68 orphans from the Kipsongo Slum in Kitale, Kenya. We also know there are 200 plus children who live in the slum challenged by elements of nature and people. A couple of months ago, we began the Build an Orphanage: Brick-by-Brick Project; a project designed to transport 100 more girl’s from the slum to a new orphanage. The Makani’s told us that $140,000 would be required to build such a safe, protective, and loving home.

Many people have worked tirelessly developing DVD’s, brochures, creative solicitation cards, and the like. Still, we had no idea what it would take to raise $140,000. We could only say, “God only knows!” Well, God knew. Just as God whispers to all of us, “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”, God whispered to the owner of Matilda Jane Clothing, Denise DeMarchis. The great news is that Denise said, “Yes, Lord!” She and her husband, David, blessed our Seeds Ministry Family with $150,000 to build a second orphanage for 100 children from the Kipsongo Slum. Yes, $150,000!

Again, words cannot adequately express our thoughts and feelings. As I get to know Denise, I find that our words of appreciation are not necessary. Yet, I want us all to stop and ask, “What else have Denise and David given us that might be worth even more than the $150,000 to build the orphanage. Don’t know about you. As for me, they have set an example for all. An example that suggests we take more and more seriously God’s call to feed the hungry, give drink to the thirsty, give shelter to the homeless, care for the sick, and give comfort to the lonely.

Medical and Education Mission Trip: The Love You Take to Give is Nothing Like the Love They Give That You Take…

I know the adage is true, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” However, our return to see the children at the Seeds Children’s Home, Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani, our son, Jimmy, a full-time missionary who serves the Makani’s, and the entire Seeds Ministry team was a huge blessing to us. My in-laws, Dr. Larry and Shari Stone, my nephew, Clayton Stone, a dear friend, Haley Julian, my wife, Linda, and I spent two-weeks serving the men, women, and children from the Kipsongo Slum as well as being served by them. The medical team provided medical care for children at the Seeds Children’s Home, the Seeds Bread of Life Feeding Center, and children at Mount Elgon. Haley and I enjoyed two days with the Seeds Academy teaching team focusing on ways to help children become service-minded. We used the book, Have You Filled My Bucket Today, by Carol McCloud. It is a beautiful way to encourage children to show kindness, patience, self-control, attentiveness, and so forth. There was some great “bucket filling” for two days. Finally, Linda, Shari, and Haley introduced a prayer shawl service-minded project to the adults and youth. It was an amazing success. The adults and youth are already prayerfully preparing shawls to give to the neediest in their own community. Yes, the children, youth, and adults of Kitale, Kenya have received a lot. However, they are also very kind-spirited people who give so much, as well. In fact, they gave a prayer shawl to Linda before we left for her to share at our church family in Conway, Arkansas. Yes, there were many tears. However, they were big tears of joy.

Chicks For Children on Facebook

We are now on facebook! Even if you don’t have a facebook page, you can still visit our chicksforchildren facebook page. Facebook will become our primary messaging center, replacing this blog page. We hope you join our effort to address hunger and poverty and the education of children and youth about such needs.

Exciting Times

Our son, Jim, returns from his home in Kitale, Kenya next week. He will stay with us while also visiting different churches and schools within and outside the state. Linda and I are very excited about the time we can share with Jim. We know the stories will be heart-warming. They always are.

Linda and Larry Return from Kitale

Linda and Larry Pillow returned from Kitale, Kenya very excited about their trip. It met every expectation and more. Linda especially enjoyed her time serving with Jim. Linda and Larry were welcomed by the children/youth from the orphanage. The children/youth share such love. There were too many highlights to name. However, she did talk about the letter writing between the children/youth at the orphanage and Dr. Cooper’s university students, two third-grade classrooms at Woodrow Cummins, and the Youth Group at First Presbyterian Church – Conway. She said that many of the kids at the orphanage had never received nor written letters. Linda also was available when the many widows came to the feeding center and received food to take back to the slum. In fact, she also was present when the Makani’s brought two widows from the slum and introduced them to their new place to live. We are calling it the Seeds Assisted Living Home for the Widows. We can tell you how excited about this new project. We hope increasing numbers of widows will be sponsored. More about that later.

Linda and Larry Go to Kenya

This is an exciting time.  My wife, Linda, and Larry Pillow, a board member for Chicks for Children Foundation, Inc., are leaving for Kitale, Kenya Tuesday, September 13th.  Please keep both in your prayers.  Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani and Jimmy await their arrival.  It is always exciting for the mission ministry team in Kitale to share the fruits of the many layers of love provided by their friends in the states.

Welcome to our Website

Our website is a launching pad; a launching pad designed to serve those suffering from poverty. It is also a launching pad to help people, especially children become more service-minded. We have been inspired by people in the states and in Kenya. It is our belief that we can reduce and even eliminate in some instances pockets of poverty. Of course, it can’t be done alone. However, it can be done with your support. We have chosen to resist a “hit and run” approach to service. We want to create connections among those who give and receive. We want to be a part of the lives we touch. That way, we will also be more greatly touched by their lives.