Brick-by-Brick Orphanage Build Campaign

Several years ago, the foundation board outlined a Brick-by-Brick: Orphanage Build campaign for the building of a second orphanage for 100 more girls living in the Kipsonogo Slum. Yes, it seemed like a daunting task. During a relatively short time, several thousand dollars were raised. Still, the task to raise several hundred thousand more dollars seemed impossible.

Yet, we believed all things were possible! We asked and God answered.

I was called by the former owners of Matilda Jane Clothing, the late Denise DeMarchis and her husband, David DeMarchis, with some very exciting and overwhelming news.  It was a Thursday morning when they called and said, “Mark, we want to build the orphanage.” The tears of joy shared at that time by my wife and me sure didn’t wash away our eagerness to call Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani and our son, Jimmy, a full-time missionary who serves the Makani’s. I can’t tell you everything they said, but I can say that everything they said was high volume and tearful!

I am convinced that the will of one person who gives to another sets an example for a second person to give, as well. It is a beautiful equation for giving. It is a way that one person can change the world for another. There is no question that Denise, David, and their Matilda Jane Clothing team became a miracle for 100 plus more orphans who lived in a dreadful place. I also know such giving shall be an example for others to give. That explains the adage, “A gift that keeps on giving!”