Classroom Build Project

As an educator who has spent 45 plus years championing the education of vulnerable and marginalized learners, I fully understand its importance. Poverty breeds a variety of educational deficits, including cognitive, social, and classroom_01emotional. It is critically important for children to dream, to have goals, and to reach for the stars. It is very difficult to have dreams, goals, and to reach for the stars without an education.

The Seeds Academy provides quality education. Again, it is very challenging to have such a quality education without the classrooms. Each year, donors from the states have shared their monetary resources for classroom build projects. The foundation is simply blessed to transport such support. At the present time, there is the Seeds High School Build campaign. This will enable the Seeds Ministry to teach up through high school.

We are so grateful to the many people who have supported the classroom build projects. It will be one of those sustainability projects that provide the children an opportunity to learn the necessary academic, social, and emotional skills to achieve and succeed. The Seeds Academy from early childhood through high school also offer bible studies and discipleship training.