Kids Helping Kids “Each One Reach One” Leadership Academy

image23During the last several years, Chicks for Children has begun developing and implementing leadership conferences, camps, and academies in the states and abroad. The educational activities have been introduced in public schools and in faith-based communities. Children from elementary schools in North Little Rock, Arkansas participated in a two-day academy. There have also been leadership academies in Kitale, Kenya. The culminating activities often involved the academy participants serving the least of those at a variety of service-sites, such as the baby orphanage, the Kipsongo Village, community centers, and the Precious Kids Center for Orphans with Special Needs (see pictures), a baby orphanage, and a community center in Kitale. In the picture to the left, the children are being told while looking at their reflection in the mirror, “You are a beautiful, smart, and important person made in the image of Christ.”

he following picture represents academy graduates distributing food and school supplies to kids from Mt. Elgon. kids_helping_kids_image14kids_helping_kids_image13TThey also shared messages of hope and encouraging words. The graduates raised schillings in their community to make the purchases. Our graduates learned that they are not simply and only beneficiaries but they are also providers. The academy empowers the graduates to have voice and a sense of purpose. If it is more blessed to give than to receive, then we must provide opportunities for our kids to give unto others. One particular graduate commented, “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be so giving.”


The leadership team introduced Ephesians 2:10. The youth were taught that they are masterpieces created in Christ Jesus to do good works. They were encouraged to be alert to God’s plan and make themselves available for meeting the needs of others. Godly character qualities, such as serving ambitiously, serving lovingly, serving diligently, serving persistently, and serving courageously were emphasized.
Our most recent leadership academy focused on obstacles and Godly strategies for overcoming obstacles. Approximately 40 youth participated and compared thoughts about their personal challenges. The youth identified what they needed to stop doing, start doing, and keep doing that help with overcoming obstacles.