Life-Line for Learning Computer Campaign

Education is a life-line for achievement all over the world. This is especially true for people of extreme poverty.computer_class_image19 As Jim, our son and missionary in Kitale serving the kids from the Kipsongo slum, says, “Our kids have the potential when given the opportunity.” Jim is 100% right. Opportunity is critical. Computer literacy is an essential element for equal opportunity. Youth cannot get an adequate education without computer access and education.

The Chicks for Children Foundation in partnership with the North Little Rock School District, church groups, and individuals raised funds to purchase computerscomputer_class_image18 for the graduates of the eighth-grade attending the newly constructed Seeds High School. The kids now have computers delivered at their high school (see pictures below). It is excited to know that our kids have a greater likelihood to achieve and succeed. Yes, they have great potential. Now, they have more opportunity to reach that optimal level of success; a success that will position them to serve others just as they have been served by others.