Mighty Acorn Foundation Sponsorship

The building of a second orphanage for the rescue of an additional 100 plus orphans was a miracle. Equally miraculous was the creation of the Mighty Acorn Foundation. The Mighty Acorn Foundation embarked upon the mighty role to oversee sponsorship for the orphans.


The sponsorship funds help support housing, food, education, and medical treatment is critically. During our many mission trips, we have discovered the meaningfulness of the relationship among sponsors and their children. The Mighty Acorn Foundation nurtures such relationships through mail exchanges, mission trips, and many other venues of consistent communication. Our relationship with our sponsored child, Button, is like a parent/child relationship. In addition to the home parents, we are like mom and dad. Sponsors can hear it in their voices and see it in their eyes. You can sense it while they sit close to you. You can sense it in their smile. And you can see the tearful expressions when you leave.
Yes, the physical needs of the orphans must be met. However, the psychological needs are equally critical. The sponsors meet both. Mighty Acorn professionalizes and personalizes sponsorship. Don’t wait for a sponsor. Go sponsor a child. I could very aptly put it another way. “Go parent a child!” You’re given that opportunity.