Plow Ahead Campaign


Poverty Cure Requires Resources: The Plow Ahead Campaign Grows Them!

maize4We are so excited to announce that our foundation has raised funding support for a New Holland tractor, a disc plough, a 10-trailer, a maize sheller, chisel plough, and harrow. We have also provided funds for the construction of a shed to house the tractor and implements. Equally important, Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani have a contract to lease the tractor and implements with a Seed Company in Kitale. The Plow Ahead campaign has become the most significant income saving and income generating project for sustainability purposes.

But, we need two more implements – a planter and sprayer. Of course, the implements will be used for farming the land leased by Seeds Ministry. The implements will also be used by the contracted Seed Company and other farmers for lease purposes. The two implements add to the income saving and income generating capacity.

We thank God for the growing capacity to rescue more orphans from poverty, abuse, abandonment, and exploitation. Still, we need to help the Makanis sustain this growing capacity by providing the income saving and income generating resources. It is a dignity model of poverty reduction created to empower the Makanis and transform their community.