Plow Ahead Campaign


Poverty Cure Requires Resources: The Plow Ahead Campaign Delivered!

maize4We are so excited to recognize the success of the Plow Ahead Campaign. Chicks for Children Foundation Partners answered God’s call to give and to give generously for growing the agricultural business. Today, there are tractors, tractor implements, and acreage. The farming business continues to flourish. At the present time, Seeds Ministry has a contract with a Seed Company in Kitale that leasing our tractor and implements. The Makanis also raise maize on their land purchased by foundation partners. The farming business is a significant income saver and generator. The produce help feed the children. There is also enough produce to make profits from the sale of extra maize.

We cannot be more grateful to our partners who have invested very wisely in God’s ambitious plan to grow a very profitable business created to help sustain the capacity building among the Seeds Ministry team.