Sponsorships: Rescues and Reunions

sponsorship programImagine your sibling living in a very dreadful slum vulnerable to natural elements and man while you enjoyed the tender, loving care of an orphanage. How would you feel? What would you think? What might you be saying to yourself day-after-day and especially night-after-night?

Nate, a traveling mate to Kitale, came all too close to that image while visiting with a new friend in the orphanage, Ezekiel. Nate and Ezekiel became very close within a short period of time. They exchanged many smiles, conversations, and hugs. Nate also sensed something about Ezekiel. As Nate said, “In his eyes, it seemed like he was screaming something serious at me all day.”

Serious indeed! Nate learned that Ezekiel had two siblings who lived in the slum under those dreadful conditions. Yes, Ezekiel was screaming something serious. “I want my sisters safe and sound!”

Upon Nate’s return from Kitale, Nate and his family immediately made a commitment to sponsor the two children – Francis and Cynthia. As Nate said, “It’s the most incredible feeling to be able to type these words: Francis and Cynthia now lie in the orphanage! They’ve been rescued from the slum and reunited with Ezekiel.”

This is truly a wonderful Success Story; a story that warms the heart and activates the mind to rescue children from the slum and reunite siblings. Yes, pictures speak volumes. How sweet it is to see such an embrace at their reunion!