Farming Enterprise

God has blessed the Seeds Farming Enterprise beyond our expectations. God is very generous and equally ambitious. Our foundation partners have continued to respond to the Plow Ahead bagging_grain2Campaign with the purchases of tractors, an eight disc-plough, a harrow, a 10-ton trailer, a sprayer, a chisel plough, planter, and a shed to protect the equipment. They have also donated funds to purchase acreage for growing maize. The acreage of maize grown on the land feeds the orphans and generates income from its sell. The farming enterprise has become the most significant income saving and income generating project.

We are overwhelmed with praise, gratitude, and enthusiasm for the success of the agricultural enterprise. The Makanis are great stewards of God’s resources. They exclaimed, “You cannot imagine how the farming business has helped Seeds Ministry save money and make money. It is one of our most valuable investments in the lives of our children.”

Not only do the Makanis use the farming equipment to grow maize for feeding our kids, they also use additional income generated to support various other seeds ministries. In fact, they not only use their tractors and equipment to grow maize on their property, they also lease the tractor and implements to seed companies for income.

Our prayer is for the farming business to help the Makanis’ and Seeds Ministry team to free more and more orphans from poverty, abuse, abandonment, and exploitation. Thegrain_sacks transformation of a community requires the community to have resources, especially resources for self-sufficiency that, in turn, provide long-term care. The Makanis have been good stewards in the use of their income saving and income generating resources that include raising chickens, tilapia, cattle, and goats as well as other projects, such as the woodworking shop, the greenhouses, and the agricultural business for growing maize. The funding of the tractor and its implements help support 230 plus orphans at the Seeds Children’s Home and Seeds High School. It also helps support the feeding, schooling, and medical care for hundreds of more orphans in the Kipsongo Slum. It is a dignity model of poverty reduction created to empower the Makanis and transform their community.