Of course, there are too many special moments to mention all. However, following five rate high:

• “GOD IS GOOD” – “ALL THE TIME”… A Child often proclaims at the daily devotional in the evening hours, “God is good!” The 200 plus kids standing side-by-side hands clasped reply enthusiastically, “All the time!” The child responds, “All the time.” This is followed by “God is good!” It is a special moment of solidarity that reflects their faith in God goodness and care. It is a wonderful testament of their faith.

• EACH ONE REACH ONE… As a culminating activity of the Kids Helping Kids “Each One Reach One” Learning to Serve Academy for 48 youth, a group of 12 traveled to the Precious Kids Center; a center for abandoned kids with severe disabilities. In the midst of the 2 hour love-fest, Alfred asked, “Professor Mark, may I pray over a child.” Alfred knelt down, laid his hands over several children with disabilities, and prayed a beautiful prayer. This was a very special moment where Alfred showed the kids the face of God.

• SPONSOR/CHILD UNION… A dear friend joined our mission team for the first time. There had been many nervous expressions in preparation for her first trip to Kitale, Kenya. She was very excited to meet her sponsored child. While standing in the devotional circle for the first time (an unforgettable moment), I was able to locate her child. I introduced them and enjoyed a most exceptional moment. There are few moments more intimate than the sponsor seeing her child for the first time and the joyful expressions of the child seeing her sponsor (mum) for the first time. It was truly a moment made in heaven.

• JIMMY, MELODY, CHARLOTTE, LINDA, AND I… It was very special to have our immediate family all together in Kitale, Kenya for the first time. And of course, Linda’s brother, Dr. Larry. Jimmy and Melody were invaluable to our preparation for the mission trip. The fact that our daughter, Charlotte, joined us made the trip extra special.

• INTERACTIONS WITH AMOS, ABUID, AND ANDREW… Following the academy, these three youth shared an idea with me. They described it as a God-given idea something that was part of the academy lesson sequence. What do you do with God-given ideas? They exclaimed that they wanted to become better stewards of an allowance received from the Makani’s. They use the allowance for boarding school expenses. They wanted to set aside some schillings as a tithe to serve others. We stood together and prayed for God’s counsel understanding that any God-given idea can become a God-driven idea.

As mentioned, there were so many more special moments. I plan to share more in the future. Stay tuned!

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