The Chicks for Children Foundation has much to celebrate. The foundation has contributed to a variety of achievements, including the following:

  1. We celebrate the completion of the new orphanage that rescued 120 more girls from the Kipsongo post_20150118_01 Slum in Kitale, Kenya. The children gather together daily expressing gratitude for their rescue from hunger, homelessness, abandonment, abuse, fear, and despair. Yes, there is much to celebrate!



  2. We celebrate the development of the agricultural land lease project, the greenhouses, the post_20150118_02 chicken enterprise, the woodworking shop, and the classroom construction project. Such developments provide sustainable solutions for supporting the many seeds ministries, including the Seeds Children’s Home, Seeds Bread of Life Center, Seeds Academy, and Seeds Stone Medical Clinic.



  3. We celebrate our growing Kids Helping Kids Make A Difference educational campaign post_20150118_03 designed for public and parochial teaching teams, school counselors, and churches to teach children that they can change the world for kids who face hunger and poverty. The I CARE Chicken Dance is a culmination of such lessons. Yes, it is a silly dance for 4,000 plus kids. Yet, it represents a serious cause.


  4. We celebrate the missionary zeal of the orphans from Seeds Ministry who are now sharing post_20150118_04 messages of hope to kids considered the least of those at Mt. Elgon. They have raised money and used the money to purchase food and school supplies. They are giving unto others as others have given unto them; a true testimony to their desire to pay forward acts of kindness.



  5. The aforementioned achievements are made possible by YOU! You have been so very generous with your resources. Therefore, our foundation team CELEBRATES you. It is our hope and prayer that you help us stay the course designed to change the world for those who face the challenges of physical and psychological poverty.

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