Medical Clinic Sponsorship



Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani, founders and directors of Seeds Ministry, directed a medical rescue effort with the Chicks for Children Foundation. The medical rescue team was very small in number. Yet the team’s accomplishments went far beyond anyone’s expectations. Dr. Larry Stone, his sister, Linda Cooper, Carly Humble, and Mark Cooper partnered with the Makanis, the Cooper’s son, Jimmy, two local doctors, and the Kitale Public Health community.

There were many God-driven precedents set during this medical rescue effort:

  • Under the direction of the Makani’s, Dr. Larry Stone and team provided “first time” care for approximately 350 kids from birth to three from the Kipsongo slum.
  • The Coordinator of Public Health Ministries volunteered an unprecedented number of community medical team members for this medical rescue mission effort.
  • One Pediatrician (Dr. Masabi) and one General Physician specializing in pediatrics (Dr. Lukela) examined and treated kids with Dr. Larry Stone.
  • A medical partnership was introduced between the MOI Medical Center Pediatric Team in Eldoret, Kenya and Seeds Ministry.
  • Dr. Stone met with medical doctors at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Bomet, Kenya and developed a relationship with the Tenwek medical team.
  • The Makanis and Dr. Stone made arrangements with the MOI Medical Center to provide medical care for a girl from Kipsongo with a severe cleft palate.
  • There are now efforts underway with a non-profit organization to eliminate the menacing problem of Jiggers. Jiggers are parasitic insects that live under the skin and cause swelling, itching, and infection that can lead to amputation and even death in worst cases.



The medical question that begs itself is, “What more Lord?” No one person can support the Seeds Stone Medical Clinic. We all are very grateful to our network of mission-minded supporters. image5

However, a collective body of dedicated people can sustain quality medical care at the Seeds Children’s Home, the Seeds Academy, and now the kids from birth to three from the Kipsongo slum. larry02
Subsequently, the Chicks for Children Foundation is introducing the ALL CALL FOR ON-CALL MEDICAL CLINIC SPONSORSHIP campaign.

One motto is, “Each One Reach One!” If “EACH ONE” of us will “REACH ONE” other to help sponsor the medical clinic, then such shared sponsorship can make a significant difference in our resolve to afford our medical rescue effort on a daily basis!

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