The medical rescue team was small in number. Yet, the team’s accomplishments went far beyond anyone’s expectations. Guardians eagerly wait for their children from the Kipsongo slum to get their “very first” medical exam and treatment.

image2 Examples of God-Driven precedents set during our seventh medical rescue effort:

  • Under the direction of the Makani’s, Dr. Larry Stone and the mission team provided unprecedented care for approximately 350 kids from birth to three.
  • The Coordinator of Public Health Ministries volunteered an unprecedented number of community medical team members for this medical rescue mission effort.
  • One Pediatrician (Dr. Masabi) and one General Physician specializing in pediatrics (Dr. Lukela) examined and treated kids with Dr. Larry Stone.
  • A medical partnership was introduced between the MOI Medical Center Pediatric Team in Eldoret, Kenya and Seeds Ministry.
  • Dr. Stone met with medical doctors at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Bomet, Kenya and developed a relationship with the Tenwek medical team.
  • Dr. Stone made arrangements with the MOI team to provide medical care for a girl from Kipsongo with a severe cleft palate.
  • Parasitic insects called jiggers were painfully removed from children and adults. There are efforts underway to protect the Kipsongo environments from jiggers.
  • he mission team also administered vaccinations to prevent Typhoid to 218 children at the Seeds orphanage and about 60 Seeds staff.

Jimmy, a missionary partner with the Makani’s, and Carly, a mission team member, register the kids, take temperatures, and weigh them.

Drs. Stone, Masabi on the left and Lukela on the right examine and treat patientsDrs. Stone, Masabi on the left and Lukela on the right examine and treat patients






Drs. Stone, Masabi on the left and Lukela on the right examine and treat patients.

Jiggers are parasitic insects that live under the skin and cause swelling, itching, and infection that can lead to amputation and even death in worst cases.





Linda Cooper and a public health official test for Malaria and HIV









The two nurses provided by the Coordinator of Public Health Ministries vaccinate for DPT, measles, polio, and other diseases.


The Seeds Ministry nurse, Rita, and several Seeds Ministry social workers provide medications.

The medical question that begs itself, “What more Lord?” We all are very grateful to our foundation partners who supported monetarily and prayerfully our mission rescue effort. Our intention is to provide a continuity of medical care from January through December of every year. It is our hope that the expressions of sadness found in our newly treated children from Kipsongo will change. We encourage you to help sustain such support. YOU do make a difference in changing the world for our children.



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