How is our money raised and used?

Chicks for Children Foundation, Inc. raises funding support from churches, businesses, corporations, schools, and individuals. Funds have been used to help build the capacity to post_20150118_01 support children who face hunger and poverty locally and globally. The foundation has supported a variety of capacity building projects including, back-pack projects for local communities, medical care for hundreds of orphans and widows, the feeding of orphans and widows, the more recent building of the newly completed orphanage for another 100 plus girls from the Kipsongo Slum, and the education of 450 plus children and youth.

The funds have also been used for projects that support a sustainability model; a model designed to help the Makani’s become more self-sufficient. The focus of such a model is on interdependence and dignity. inside_orphanage The present sustainability projects include a chicken business, greenhouses, the woodworking enterprise, the classroom builds, the dairy business, and the land-lease agricultural project.

The foundation is committed to good stewardship. The Makani’s and Seeds Coalition prioritize projects based on need. The funding support is used to meet such needs. A primary goal of the foundation is to garner monetary support and strategically transport that support to high priority projects, especially projects that promote sustainability.