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The Good News!


Thanks to our foundation partners the tractor and many of its implements have been purchased and delivered! Your donations have made possible the New Holland tractor, an eight disc-plough, a harrow, a 10-ton trailer, and a shed to protect the equipment.


What Next?

There are three more implements needed for the farming enterprise:

  • A chisel plough (approx. $6,000)
  • A sprayer (approx. $10,000)
  • A planter (approx. $19,000)

It is our prayer that we find additional support before the new year for the three implements.
In addition to feeding the children and generating income from the use of the tractor and its implements, the little seedlings will grow up using the farming equipment as fertile ground for character building, truck “patch” farming, vocational training, and nutrition education.

No! You can’t simply teach a man to grow maize without land to lease and the equipment necessary to disc, spray, plant, and harvest. Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani have the minds to use resources for farming. However, they need the resources. image1In December, Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani, founders and directors of the Seeds Ministry in Kitale, Kenya, were asked, “What is your most significant income saving and income generating project for self-sufficiency?” They quickly answered, “A tractor and its implements. The acres of maize grown on the leased property feeds the orphans and generates money from its sell.”

The Makanis and Jimmy are overwhelmed with praise, gratitude, and enthusiasm for your support. They stated, “You cannot imagine how important this will be to help Seeds Ministry. This is an invaluable investment for income saving and income generating.”

The Makanis have leased 100 acres of land for growing maize in 2017. As you can see, the tractor and implements have been “field tested” to everyone’s delight.


Why the Implements?

Our hope and prayer is to grow the capacity to help the Makanis and Seeds Ministry team to free more and more orphans from poverty, abuse, abandonment, and exploitation. The transformation of a community requires the community to have resources, especially resources for self-sufficiency that, in turn, provide long-term care. The Makanis have been good stewards in the use of their income saving and income generating resources that include raising chickens, tilapia, cattle, and goats as well as other projects, such as the woodworking shop, the greenhouses, and the agricultural land lease for growing maize. The funding of the tractor and its implements will support 219 orphans at the Seeds Children’s Home. It will also help support the feeding, schooling, and medical care for hundreds of more orphans in the Kipsongo Slum located in Kitale, Kenya. It is a dignity model of poverty reduction created to empower the Makanis and transform their community.

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