Seeds Ministries

The Seeds Children’s Home

Pastor Richard and Hellen Makani, founders and directors, provide tender, loving care for the orphans from the Kipsongo Slum. The children are cared for by “home” parents. The despair, hopelessness, abandonment, and abuse are replaced by a sense of hope, love, and belonging. Their day begins and ends in prayer and praise. They are truly a family made in heaven.



Seeds Bread of Life Feeding Center

Good health requires the nourishment of one’s body. A very important part of Pastor Richard and Hellen’s ministry is the Seeds Bread of Life Feeding Center. Several hundred children are fed at the feeding center six times per week. The children are served in the most loving way by a team of cooks who nourish their bodies while also nourishing the children’s spirit.

Seeds Academy


It is critical to provide children a safe and loving environment to live. It is also critical to provide food for the nourishment of their bodies and the medical care to protect them from sickness and disease. Equally important is education. The academy houses pre-primary through eighth grade while the graduating eighty graders attend boarding school or the newly constructed Seeds High School. The teaching teams teach math, science, language arts, bible, and character development.

The Seeds Stone Medical Clinic:

image6Disease and sickness are natural enemies to the men, women, and children from the Kipsongo Slum. image8
In 2009, a medical mission team built a medical clinic at the Seeds Academy and vaccinated hundreds of children, widows, and others for six or so diseases. More importantly, a nurse from Kenya continues to provide medical care. Today, there is a second medical clinic at the Seeds Children’s Home. The Kenya nurse serves children at both clinics. The medical intervention has also grown to include the treatment of children from birth to three who live in the Kipsongo slum.

The Seeds Assistance Living Center for Widows

image9 The tender, loving care for widows is also very important to the Makanis and Seeds Ministry. The Seeds Assistance Living Center provides them with a wonderful home, reliable food and water, and medical care. image10 The widows have opportunities to raise chickens and grow vegetables to sustain their food source. This is an exciting new ministry and one expected to grow in capacity. There are approximately 40 plus widows who live in the Kipsongo slum. This rescue mission is very important to their health and welfare.