Start on foundation for new kitchen

These pictures represents the present kitchen at the Seeds Children’s Home where orphans from the Kipsongo Slum in Kitale, Kenya Current Kitchen Insidelive. The Seeds Children’s Home parents are very resourceful. They are also very gracious. You will never hear them whine! The kitchen is terribly small and inadequate for serving 210 plus kids. Of course, the picture fails to represent the many nooks and grannies inside and outside that serve as their dining hall.

Well, here is the great news; news that should cause YOU to celebrate. There has been enough monetary and prayer support to build the foundation of the dining hall/kitchen/laundry room (see below). The picture below represents the progress on the new dining hall/kitchen/laundry build project. Soon, you will hear more to the story. Of course, the campaign to raise additional monetary support continues. There is some upcoming great news that represents the building of the walls. Stay tuned! We are just too thrilled to make this announcement, especially since many of YOU participate in your monetary support and prayer support. We thank God for such a wonderful blessing and thank Him for allowing us to simply participate!


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