Sustainability – farm land lease

SUSTAINABILITY is such an important part of our Seeds Ministry relationship. Pastor Richard and Hellen have needed the monetary resources to lease land for agricultural development. They KNOW how to grow maze. They know how to rotate a variety of crops on the same land. Our Chicks for Children Foundation partners have made possible the leasing of 70 acres. It is our INCOME MAKING AND EXPENSE SAVINGS program. If you are that farmer or farmer want-to-be, please join our effort to use the land to feed the orphans! Eventually, we want to purchase land. Also, if this project is as successful as anticipated, we will be developing a PLOW AHEAD campaign to purchase a tractor; a tractor for personal use and for leasing. AHHHH, a tractor then becomes a MONEY MAKER AND EXPENSE SAVER. I wish you could listen in on Pastor Richard Makani’s thoughts. “Thank you God for such a wonderful blessing to grow the crops that feed the orphans!”

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